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Window Cleaning Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray

Window Cleaning Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray

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  • 【Ultrasonic Atomization Technology】The Window Cleaning Robot employs a distinctive automatic ultrasonic atomization water design, coupled with a 25ml constant-pressure electric-controlled water tank, ensuring full coverage of the cleaning area, effortlessly and effectively eliminating dirt, stains, and streaks from windows.
  • 【Ease of Operation】The automatic window cleaner is simple and easy to use, making it especially suitable for large windows. Just press and hold the button for 3 seconds, and the robot will automatically adhere and begin its work. Once cleaning is complete, the robot will stop automatically and return to its original position. Additionally, it can be operated freely using the included remote control.
  • 【Intelligent Cleaning】The robot window cleaner employs innovative 3800PA variable-frequency suction, intelligently adjusting the suction of the base to tackle different levels of dirt on the glass. Equipped with highly efficient ultra-fine fiber cloth wheels, it effortlessly removes even the tiniest dirt, ensuring crystal-clear and bright glass. It's recommended to use with glass cleaner, and we include 12 pieces of ultra-fine fiber cloth, saving you the hassle of purchasing cloths separately.
  • 【Comprehensive Protection】 comes with a dedicated 16.5-foot climbing safety rope, ensuring outdoor work safety. The robot is equipped with electric suction cups and edge detectors to prevent the risk of falling. In case of any mishap, the built-in backup battery can stabilize the robot on the window for over 30 minutes and emit a warning in case of power failure.
  • 【Versatile】The Window Cleaning Robot features intelligent AI cleaning technology and a powerful brushless motor, providing strong cleaning capability for outdoor use as well. Additionally, it can be used on smooth surfaces such as marble, tiled walls, mirrors, and glass doors. This multitasking capability frees up time for you to focus on other tasks, allowing you to enjoy life, music, coffee, and more. With its smart cleaning system, you can let it do the job and come back to handle other tasks once it's done

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