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Long Range High-Tech Portable Electric Commuter Scooter

Long Range High-Tech Portable Electric Commuter Scooter

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Brand Name: MACURY

Foldable: YES

Range Per Charge: 40-60km

Charging Time: 6-8h

Power: 201-500W

Voltage: 48v

Applicable People: Unisex

Tire Size: 9 inch

Category: Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number: ORNO MAX



1. We have done a lot of treatment for waterproofing, but we can't promise you the scooter damaged by water is still covered by the warranty, because 100% waterproofing is impossible under the current technical conditions. In addition, riding on rainy days is very unsafe. We strongly recommend that you do not ride on rainy days.

2. We are constantly improving our scooters, and we have many different suppliers to provide parts, so maybe some small details of the scooter you receive would be different from the photos of description page, such as the brake/grips/tires/screws/arms/motors...don't worry, sir, it's normal, that means you receive a newest model, this is the official store, I promise to provide the newest improved models, just the description page is not renewed yet!

3. The max range based on lab data, someone of 60kg continuously rode a max charging scooter on a flat road, with only rear motor, at 15km/h and 25℃, without wind. The real distance would be much shorter. Your driving style, speed, temperature, load, tire pressure, road condition, weather, all of them would greatly affect a scooter's real range.

4. The laws and regulations are very different among countries, I don't know whether our scooters comply with your local laws and regulations, you have to consult your local traffic authority in advance, we wouldn't bear any legal liability for that.

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