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Cordless Pool Vacuum for Inground Pools

Cordless Pool Vacuum for Inground Pools

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  • Unparalleled Cleaning: The tri-motor cordless robotic pool cleaner, features a dynamic rolling brush to effortlessly remove dirt and a unique caterpillar tread design for enhanced mobility and ensures thorough cleaning of your pool's floor, walls, and waterline.
  • WavePath Navigation 2.0: WavePath Navigation first appeared in the award-winning Aiper Seagull Pro. Now, we've improved that technology! WavePath 2.0 enables the to cover the entire pool area, delivering comprehensive, efficient cleaning – Let us take care of your pool, you can enjoy swimming in it!
  • Versatile Cleaning Modes: With four different cleaning modes, including automatic, floor, wall, and periodic cleaning modes, the will tackle your pool's specific cleaning needs, providing optimal results every time.
  • Periodic Cleaning: Say goodbye to daily pool maintenance. Periodic cleaning mode will instruct your device to operate for up to a full week, automatically, and without needing to be recharged. Every 48 hours, it will clean the pool floor for 45-minute sessions, for three sessions in total, leaving you with a continuously clean pool experience.
  • Superior Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions with the impressive 150-minute battery life. Providing up to 50 feet for your in-ground pools. Needing only 3-4 hours for a full recharge, the Scuba S1 is primed to keep your pool spotless.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and reusing the filter is effortless thanks to the top-load filter design  Simplifying the cleanup process and ensuring total enjoyment of your swimming pool. The Scuba S1 also comes with a 2-year warranty and worry-free customer service.

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