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Wall Climbing Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Wall Climbing Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Function: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Power (W): 500-999W

Voltage (V): 24V


  • Unparalleled Cleaning: Designed to provide unparalleled cleaning performance for inground pools. Equipped with a tri-motor system, this robotic pool cleaner effortlessly removes dirt from your pool's floor, walls, and waterline. Its dynamic rolling brush and unique caterpillar tread design ensure thorough cleaning and enhanced mobility.
  • WavePath Navigation 2.0: Featuring the advanced WavePath Navigation 2.0 technology,  intelligently navigate your pool to cover the entire pool area with ease. With WavePath 2.0, you can trust that every corner of your pool will be efficiently cleaned, allowing you to fully enjoy swimming in it.
  • Versatile Cleaning Modes: Offers four different cleaning modes to meet your pool's specific cleaning needs. Whether you need automatic cleaning, floor cleaning, wall cleaning, or periodic cleaning, this cordless robotic pool cleaner has got you covered.
  • Periodic Cleaning: Say goodbye to the hassle of daily pool maintenance. Features a convenient periodic cleaning mode that allows the device to automatically operate for up to a full week without needing to be recharged. Every 48 hours, will clean the pool floor for 45-minute with 3 times in one charge. Enjoy a continuously clean pool experience without the constant need for manual intervention.
  • Superior Battery Life: Equipped with an impressive 150-minute battery life, providing uninterrupted cleaning sessions for inground pools up to 1600 sq.ft. With just 3-4 hours for a full recharge, this cordless robotic pool cleaner is always ready to keep your pool spotless.

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