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E-Bike Rear Wheel Motor Conversion Kit

E-Bike Rear Wheel Motor Conversion Kit

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28" 48V 1000W ebike conversion kit for rear wheel

1. 48V 1000W motor

2. wheel

3. spokes and aluminum circle

4. 48V 1000W controller

5. controller bag

6. PAS

7. twist throttle

8. Brake handle

9. Connectors and fuse

10. LCD

This electric bicycle kit contains everything needed (except battery) to be your bike in a hoche performance,

which provides unparalleled performance and reliability.

The suits are not waterproof. Please don’t ride in the rainy day.


We use the brake cable with a power cord, our clients can use disc brakes but can not use hydraulic brake。

About the battery: The power and voltage of the battery you buy should be consistent with our set. When installing, make sure that the wiring is not reversed.Otherwise, it may damage the product.

The size of amps determines the amount of battery storage, the battery storage determines the length of using time, the battery in our pack must match the interface of our controller.


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