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Dual Direction Auto-Spray Smart Window Cleaner

Dual Direction Auto-Spray Smart Window Cleaner

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About this item

  • ✨Dual-Direction Auto-Spray: The Window Cleaner Robot features a dual-direction auto-spray function that ensures comprehensive coverage of the cleaning area, effectively removing dirt, grime, and smudges from your windows.
  • ✨Triple Safety System: With built-in safety features including an anti-drop sensor, edge detection technology, and a powerful suction motor, the  Window Cleaner Robot provides a safe and worry-free cleaning experience.
  • ✨Smart Navigation: Equipped with intelligent navigation technology, this robot automatically detects the size and shape of the window, optimizing its cleaning path for efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • ✨Remote Control Convenience: The included remote control allows you to easily operate and control the Window Cleaner Robot from a distance, providing added convenience and flexibility.
  • ✨Suitable for All Smooth Surfaces: In addition to windows, this versatile robot can be used on various smooth surfaces such as glass doors, mirrors, tiles, and more, expanding its usability throughout your home or office.
  • ✨12 Rags Included: Each unit comes with 12 high-quality cleaning rags, ensuring you have an ample supply for multiple cleaning sessions.

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