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Cordless Wall-climbing Pool Vacuum for Inground Pools

Cordless Wall-climbing Pool Vacuum for Inground Pools

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  • Optimal Cleaning Performance: Experience the pool cleaning power of the pool vacuum robot's powerful suction and dynamic scrubbing capabilities. An ultimate robotic pool cleaner for pool's floor, walls, and waterline. The generously sized filter basket efficiently traps both large debris and fine particles and provides you with crystal-clear water for a pristine pool experience.
  • WavePath Navigation 2.0: We've taken WavePath Navigation to a whole new level by optimizing cleaning routes of the cordless pool vacuum to cover the entire pool while minimizing cleaning time by following an intelligent path, avoiding unnecessary overlaps and miss.
  • Caterpillar Treads for Superior Mobility: Equipped with durable caterpillar treads, the pool vacuum for inground pools features excellent capabilities, making easy work of drains, steps, corners and other uneven terrain. Our pool cleaner robot's treads provide stability, prevent slipping, and ensure your pool robot cleans the entire pool, all with ease.
  • Four Cleaning Modes: Auto, Eco, Floor only, Wall only - these four cleaning modes of swimming pool vacuum allow you to tackle the cleaning job thats right for your pool. Auto Mode combines wall, waterline, and floor cleaning for a comprehensive cleaning of your entire pool. Eco Mode provides a hassle-free periodic cleaning every 48 hours, for 45 minutes, for an entire week.
  • All Types of Pools: Meet the robotic pool cleaner, your ultimate solution for pool cleaning. Whether you own a round, kidney, rectangle, or uniquely shaped pool - constructed with vinyl, concrete, tile, or fiberglass, the pool vacuum robot effortlessly cleans all types of pools up to 1,600 Sq. Ft.

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