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Fat Tire Cruiser Range Electric Scooter

Fat Tire Cruiser Range Electric Scooter

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Brand Name: eHoodax

Foldable: no

Range Per Charge: 25KMH

Charging Time: 6-8h

Power: 1001-2000w

Voltage: 60v

Applicable People: Unisex

Category: Two-wheel Scooter

max load: 150kg

max climb: 20 degrees

charge time: 6-8H

tire: 18inch

max speed: 40km/h

motor: 2000W

battery: 1x12AH 60v

max range: 25km

brake: hydraulic disc

measurement: 190X75X100CM

property 1: Anti-theft alarm

property 2: 1-2-3 speed gear

eHoodax X1 has a maximum speed of 40KM/H, a charging range of 20-30 kilometers; a 2000W motor 60V12AH lithium battery, a large 18-inch fat tire, and a maximum load of 150KG. CE EU certification.



motor:2000W     max speed:40km/h     battery:60v12ah     Charging mileage:25km     tire:18inch     charge time:6-8H     max load:150kg

Q: Is that can ride on Rainy day?

A: Yes, our electric scooters can be driven on wet and rainy days, but we do not recommend immersing them in water for a long time.

1.【2000w iron wheel motor】2000w iron wheel motor electric 2-wheel scooter, maximum speed 40 km/h larger 60V12ah battery, maximum cruising range up to 25 km, charging time is 8 hours.

2. 【Ultra-wide 18-inch fat tires】18-inch fat tires, with high grip on dirt roads, stable driving, and easy adaptation to various terrains. And it's easy to climb any incline you might come across.

Powerful 2000W iron wheel

Motor High-speed 2000W iron wheel motor, strong climbing power. The maximum speed of the electric scooter can reach 40KM/H. 60V12AH lithium battery, charging mileage 25KM.

LED headlights illuminate the road ahead and ensure driving safety

18-inch fat tires, smooth ride and stronger grip

EB04 electric bike:3000W     max speed:55km/h     battery:60v20ah     Charging mileage:35-50km     tire:18inch     charge time:6-8H     max load:200kg

X20 electric bike:3000W     max speed:60km/h     battery:60v20ah     Charging mileage:35-50km     tire:18inch     charge time:6-8H     max load:200kg

G1 electric bike:3000W     max speed:60km/h     battery:60v20ah     Charging mileage:35-50km     tire:18inch     charge time:6-8H     max load:200kg

EBX10 electric bike:4000W     max speed:70-80km/h     battery:60v25ah     Charging mileage:40-60km     tire:18inch     charge time:6-8H     max load:250kg

We are a factory that produces and develops electric scooters for nearly 10 years. Have a first-class after sales team

If your scooter wants to upgrade or replace parts, we offer all these parts to buy. We have a dedicated after-sales team, first-class maintenance engineers, who can help you solve after-sales problems. We are a factory, different batches of scooters will be slightly different. Part of the adjustment depends on the latest suppliers of raw materials and feedback from customers. We are good at absorbing and listening to other people's suggestions. If you have better suggestions, you are welcome to discuss with us.

Foldable Smart Electric Scooter

Customer questions & answers

1: 24 hours customer service if any questions please feel free contact with us.All parts if any problem please feel free contact with us we will try our best first time help you

2: If you satisfied our product please give us 5 stars if not satisfied please feel free contact us we will try our best give you best solution. Any negative feedbacks will no effect for the good result hope buyer understand. Any advice or comments please feel free contact with us, all push us improving.  Thanks for all supports.

PS:Our tester weighs 120 pounds and is 170CM tall. He is driving on a flat road with 100% power, a temperature of 25°, and an air humidity of 18°. The final result of the test is that the maximum speed can reach 40KM/ H. The above data is based on the data tested in our laboratory. The actual results are affected by weather, scooter power, driving road, driver's weight, wind, air temperature, humidity and so on.Due to the influence of different factors, it is impossible to accurately measure the after-sales service. The main body of the scooter provides a one-year warranty service, and the battery and motor, controller, charger, accelerator meter and various switches provide a half-year warranty service. Do not debug the scooter accelerator meter settings without authorization, otherwise the after-sales service will be terminated.

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